Carbide Application extends the life by 200-800 over standard hardfacing I can apply it to your ripper tips chisel plow points field cultivator sweeps tile plow tips cutting edges snow pusher skids.
Skid Steer Buckets Description Item No. Price Material Buckets 72 Low Profile, Long Bottom Bucket 159071 $949.99 72 Material Bucket with Single Cutting Edge 122177 $730 84 Material Bucket with Double Cutting Edge 122178 $1045Rock Buckets 66 Rock Bucket with 38 Tines 159092 $1299.99 66 Rock Bucket with Grapple 159097 $2224.99 72 Rock Bucket with 38 Tines 159093 $1324.99 78 Rock Bucket with 38 Ti...
Vintage luxury. Well kept, not perfect. Reliable 320 Cat diesel pusher. 41 feet long.A tiger on the highway. Have 2 rv s and this one has to move on. Perfect live in full-time and take south for the winter. Always stored away from snow and ice. If youve trucking experience, you will appreciate this big rig.Price is fair at $12,000